Blatter Appoints Former Sun Sports Editor in Presidential PR Campaign

April 8, 2011

Former Sun sports editor Brian Alexander has now been hired to work on Sepp Blatter’s campaign for re-election as President of FIFA, physician having left the BBC last month after receiving “tempting offers” to establish his own media consultancy, doctor with City and sports PR firm Square 1 and London Olympic organisers LOCOG among his first clients.

Alexander told “Completely out of the blue, I was invited to Zurich yesterday and am engaged by Sepp Blatter to run his campaign for re-election on June 1.”

Alexander, 53, is the former Sun, Mail on Sunday, Evening Standard and South London Press sports editor.

Since joining the BBC in 1997, he built up an impressive reputation for his story-breaking, including launching Sportsweek, hosting Late Night Live and Weekend Breakfast, and winning a Sony Radio award.

Most recently, Alexander interviewed Blatter, whose profile in Britain reached a a new low last year over England’s failed bid for the 2018 World Cup.