Special Reports: Eurosport

November 11, 2012

Just outside of Paris stands a nine-floor building which appears unremarkable among the many other offices in the Issy-les-Moulineaux district. Inside however, a fascinating story is continuing to develop: this is the headquarters of sports broadcaster Eurosport, where more than 500 employees help to drive Europe’s leading multimedia platform on a day-to-day basis. Eurosport is committed to maintaining the excellence embodied by its flagship channel, which broadcasts to 130 million homes in 59 countries on the continent and is long-established as the number one pan-European TV channel. However, the Eurosport story in 2012 is about much more than the one channel that was born in 1989. Constantly evolving and innovating, what exactly is the formula behind the platform’s ongoing success?


Eurosport Corporate Video

In its unique positioning, Eurosport has to ensure its on-air content captivates a diverse audience across all its territories. There is certainly no margin for error in the Paris studios as live feeds are received and distributed to millions of screens worldwide. Director of Broadcasting and Programmes Julien Bergeaud cites tennis’ French Open, one of Eurosport’s staple events, to illustrate the broadcaster’s commitment to providing the best viewing experience: “Live sport is always the number one priority and our on-site presence, for example at Roland Garros where we had six different commentary teams this year, gets the maximum number of viewers to the heart of the action. It enables them to experience the intensity and emotion of Grand Slam tennis.”  Whatever the sport, Eurosport provides the expertise sports fans demand. Commentary teams always feature a professional journalist and a former athlete chosen with local audiences in mind. Bergeaud explains: “These guys are dedicated professionals who commentate on their sports all year round – this consistency and expertise is how we attract fans and retain their loyalty.”


Eurosport consultants preparing to leave for the Tour de France