Baku 2020 Bid Gets 95% Approval says Azerbaijan President

By Community | March 14, 2012

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev believes the people of Azerbaijan have shown major support for Baku’s 2020 bid and that Azerbaijan can hold any international sporting event.

He said, “holding the World and European Championships has been our good tradition and all these major competitions are held at high level. Taking into account this factor and the successful development of our country as a whole, Azerbaijan has appealed to hold the Olympic Games in Baku in 2020. This appeal is being considered.”

He added that Baku has all opportunities to hold the Olympic Games. “We have excellent infrastructure opportunities. People express great support for holding the Olympic Games in Azerbaijan. This is confirmed by the polls conducted by international agencies. About 95 per cent of citizens support the holding of the Olympic Games in Azerbaijan.”

The President added, “some major sports facilities are under construction, others have been already constructed. This issue has been already on the agenda. We have excellent athletes, sports achievements.”

He said security measures are ensured at a very high level in Azerbaijan. “The stability and socio-political calmness in the country are an important factor to hold the Olympic Games. In short, we are fully prepared for the Olympic Games in Baku. I can say that our desire demonstrates the country’s strength.”