Amazon announce release date for their first sport original series

By iSportconnect | June 21, 2016

Following closely off the back of Netflix’s recent announcement to begin making original sports content, Amazon Prime have announced the release date of their first series – All or Nothing.

The first season of the docu-series follows the Arizona Cardinals’ 2015 season, from the draft through the NFC Championship game. It will be available July 1st in the UK.

John Hamm of Mad Men, will narrate the series.

The move by both Netflix and Amazon have raised eyebrows in the sport business world, with many suspecting this is the first step of many into creating sports content.

Netflix’s audience share and VOD model could prove tempting for sports teams wanting adding exposure for their brand.

For Amazon, their Prime model could tempt many viewers into purchasing sports items as they watch content – which would also be appealing for teams looking to push merchandise.

Amazon worked with NFL Films – the most decorated filmmaker in sports television history with 123 Sports Emmy Awards.

As the sports broadcasting world continues to be disrupted by new technology and new distribution platforms, there could well be two major players entering the market as well. Watch this (digital) space.