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3D Digital Venue Offer Free Consultation About New Post-Covid Solution To All Sports Teams, Stadiums And Arenas

May 27, 2020

Following on from the release of their Social Distancing Venue Simulation, 3D Digital Venue have revealed that they will be offering free consultation calls to any sporting teams, stadiums and arenas as they look to help implement the return of spectators to venues following the Covid-19 period with their Venue Business Intelligence solution.

The team at 3D Digital Venue have created this brand new service to be used by stadiums in order to help gradually reintegrate fans back into venues while still complying with social distancing regulations.

Watch 3D Digital Venue Explain How The Solution Works

Owing to the current pandemic, the Sports and Cultural events sector has suffered greatly, however it must now think about recovery strategies for when events are allowed to resume, while respecting health measures. 3D Digital Venue have developed the Venue Business Intelligence service in order to achieve maximum efficiency when seating their clients, maintaining the safety distances recommended by health institutions.

This solution offers a way to maximise the amount of people who can be in the stadium when taking into account the tickets sold and number of people within those groups and factoring in the metrics of the seating plan.

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3D Digital Venue iSportconnect