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By Christian Radnedge

Russia has pledged to maintain “100 per cent” security in host cities at the FIFA World Cup next year.

Mikhail Degtyarev, head of the State Duma committee for physical culture and sport, reportedly made the claim as Russia increases efforts to curb hostilities at sporting events.

Scenes at Euro 2016 of Russian hooligans attacking England fans in Marseille reignited fears that similar events could occur at the 2018 World Cup.

However Degtyarev insisted organisers would be ensuring security of the highest standard.

Degtyarev, as reported by the TASS news agency, said: “Russia, by comparison with other championships, will guarantee one of the highest levels of security. In view of the measures taken and the experience of other major championships we will be able 100pc to ensure order in the stadiums and fan safety.”

This week, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin endorsed a federal law increasing punishments on those found guilty of “gross misconduct by spectators during official sporting events”.

It’s not only limited to Russian nationals, with foreigners facing jail for 15 days and expulsion from Russia if found guilty of the act.

The relevant authorities will be able to test security measures for the World Cup at this year’s Confederations Cup, which begins on 17 June and runs until July 2.

The World Cup will then take place next year from June 14 to July 15.


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