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By Ismail Uddin

With the MH370 airplane crisis continuing to engulf the Malaysian region, Sepang International Circuit CEO Razlan Razali believes the issue will likely affect ticket sales and the excitement for the Formula 1 race this weekend.

On 8 March, the Boeing 777, and the 239 people aboard disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to China, with the aircraft still yet to be found. With many Malaysians being directly hit with catastrophic incident, Razali believes it may affect the intrigue from fans surrounding the event.

Speaking exclusively to iSportconnect, Razali said: "Off course the MH370 incident is getting a lot of attention obviously. It has affected mainly Malaysians as it involves our national Airline. It is an unprecedented situation so it may distract people from Formula 1 and buying tickets as well it should be. In some ways it does affect the current excitement about the GP and distract them from attending Formula 1 at this moment. But we will wait and see close to the race whether there are any changes or not."

The organisers of the Malaysian GP are targeting 90,000 tickets for Sundays race but they have sold just over 60% so far. But Razali expects tickets to sell out fast.

He added: "We are targeting 90,000 tickets by Sunday. We have sold slightly more than 60% so far. Up until the race weekend we expect more interest, traditionally locals buy more near the end."

Razali, who has been CEO since 2008, also commented on the future of the F1 race in Kuala Lumpur suggesting discussions may be taking place this weekend.

"Our contract ends 2015 next year. We will in some ways discuss the way forward this weekend but we do have some time to decide whether we want to continue beyond 2015 or not," he said.

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