Should the Paralympics schedule be changed to before the Olympics?

Discussion started by Zahra Hasan , on Thursday, 22 September 2016 09:00

In an iSportconnect exclusive, Sir Philip Craven has said that the Paralympics will not be changed so that they take place before the Olympics.

The various problems leading up to the Olympic games in Rio this year caused difficulties, particularly to the Paralympic games - in terms of logistical issues such asĀ late infrastructure developments and poor ticket sales.

Sir Philip Craven has said that changing the schedule so that the Paralympics take place before the Olympics would not boost ticket sales. Do you agree with this decision?

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Jose Gigante
I completely agree with Sir Philip Craven, the Paralympic Games is the most valuable asset of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and the schedule should not change. This will ensure that this growing multi-sport major event is organised at the highest standards.

The Olympic Games are a "Test Event" for the Paralympic Games. Venues, Transport, Accommodation and other Service Levels are tested throughout the Olympic Games and are the most valuable experience for IPC senior management to assess what needs to be improved in the transition period in between both events; therefore, hosting the Paralympic Games before the Olympic Games will have an impact on the quality of this inspiring event.

Hosting the Paralympic Games in Rio after the Olympic Games showed that even in challenging economic and social environments this "tremendous" Games can attract (last minute) a great number of spectators from different socio-demographic backgrounds to the Park or Venues, and inspire millions of spectators on TV worldwide.
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