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WTT Launches New WTT Feeder Series

June 9, 2021

Table Tennis Fans will be treated to more international competition than ever before with WTT’s Day One to World Number One pyramid of events bringing the new WTT Feeder Series to life in January 2022.

Sitting between the WTT Series and WTT Youth Series, the new WTT Feeder Series will play a crucial role in the wider WTT playing structure by allowing promising youth players who may require a little more time to develop their game and hone their skills to compete globally before progressing into the top tier of the sport.

The WTT Feeder Series will provide more players around the world with the opportunity to compete but also provides a “safety net” for those players who may have fallen out of form, are returning from career breaks or recovering from injury, ensuring they can play, earn prize money and accrue ITTF Table Tennis World Ranking points to enable a return to the WTT Series.

The flexible structure of WTT Feeder Series events is designed to ensure more ITTF Member Associations host one or multiple Feeder Series events within the WTT framework to build their national stars via international competition.

ITTF Deputy President & WTT Director, Mr Khalil Al-Mohannadi said: “Today marks another important milestone for the WTT and our desire to create a playing pathway that allows players to progress from Day One to World Number One through the new WTT structure. 

“The WTT Feeder Series will play a pivotal role in ensuring that youth players can transition into senior events at the end of the WTT Youth Series journey, provide all players in the ITTF Table Tennis World Ranking the ability to compete globally and to provide the opportunity for more ITTF member associations to host WTT events.”

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