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WTT announces Corpay as official Global FX Payments Supplier

November 29, 2022

World Table Tennis is pleased to announce an agreement with Corpay1, a FLEETCOR® brand, for Corpay’s Cross-Border business to become World Table Tennis’s official Global FX Payments Supplier.

Corpay, a global leader in business payments, will handle all World Table Tennis’ global foreign exchange payments for the 2023 season. With a record number of events planned on every continent, the need to process foreign exchange payments quickly and efficiently is a must to showcase the record-setting prize money World Table Tennis has to offer.
Corpay Cross-Border’s platform will enable eligible companies to manage their global payments from a single point of access, streamlining this process and limiting any potential exposure through currency exchanges. As part of the arrangement, World Table Tennis and its stakeholders – subject to Corpay compliance – will have access to Corpay’s innovative solutions and network.
Michael Brown, World Table Tennis Chief Financial Officer, commented, “In 2022, World Table Tennis has disbursed over $6M USD in prize money, processed more than 3,000 individual transactions, to over 80 different territories around the world. This was a record year, and we expect the prize money purse to continue to grow in the coming years, and likely to have doubled again by 2024. World Table Tennis has placed the athletes at the heart of its events. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure we have partners, such as Corpay, to help ensure they receive their prize money as easily as possible.”

“Corpay is very honoured to be named the official Global FX Payments Supplier for World Table Tennis,” said Brad Loder, Vice-President, Cross-Border Marketing, Corpay Cross-Border Solutions. “I am confident that World Table Tennis, the players and their business partner network will benefit from access to our comprehensive cross-border payments and FX risk management solutions, along with benefit from our payments experience gained within the world of sports.”
Kimberly Koh, World Table Tennis Partnerships Director, added, “We are delighted to welcome Corpay, a global leader in business payments, as World Table Tennis’s official Global FX Payments Supplier. As World Table Tennis continues to grow since its 2021 launch, Corpay will provide innovative payment services, playing a significant role in the transformation of the sport. We look forward to introducing Corpay through our corporate hospitality and business partner network and continuing to grow this partnership in the longer term.”

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