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World Triathlon Opens Bid Process For Championship Series, World Cups, Para Triathlon And Multisport In 2023 And Championship Finals In 2024 & 2025

April 22, 2022

World Triathlon is pleased to announce that is now welcoming bids for the 2024 and 2025 World Triathlon Championship Finals, the 2024 and 2025 World Triathlon Sprint & Relay Championships and the 2025 World Triathlon Multisport Championships. Applications are also open for cities bidding to host a World Triathlon Championship SeriesWorld Triathlon CupWorld Triathlon Para triathlon eventsWorld Triathlon Multisport Cup or World Triathlon Winter Championships & Cup, all of them in 2023.

World Triathlon Championship Finals 2024 & 2025

Host Cities, with the endorsement of their respective National Federation, can now bid to host a World Triathlon Championship Finals in 2024 or 2025, the crown jewel of World Triathlon’s annual calendar. Previous hosts have included such cities as London, Budapest, Beijing, Auckland, Chicago, Gold Coast, Lausanne or Edmonton, with the next ones planned in Abu Dhabi in 2022 and Pontevedra in 2023.

The World Triathlon Championship Finals Host City will also welcome the annual World Triathlon Congress with delegates from up to 167 countries, making decisions on the future of the sport. The World Triathlon Championship Finals Host City can expect to attract an audience of millions of people from around the world. This includes international TV distribution of the live coverage, international mainstream TV and print media distribution, full coverage on and extensive social media presence.

Bids for the Championship Finals ’24 & ’25 have to be submitted before 30 August 2022, with the announcement of the Host Cities planned for 28 November 2022.

World Triathlon Sprint & Relay Championships 2024 & 2025

World Triathlon is also welcoming bids from Host Cities, with the endorsement of their respective National Federation, for a World Triathlon Sprint & Relay Championships in 2024 or 2025. The host of the inaugural edition of this event will be Montreal in June 2022.

The World Triathlon Sprint & Relay Championships creates an instant economic impact by bringing in a significant number of international tourists to the Host City, consisting of over 4,000 competitors, support teams, officials, family and friends. With the addition of local races, the number of competitors can exceed 8,000.

Bids for the Sprint & Relay Championships ’24 & ’25 have to be submitted before 30 August 2022, with the announcement of the Host Cities planned for 28 November 2022.

World Triathlon Multisport Championships 2025

World Triathlon is also welcoming bids for the 2025 edition of the World Triathlon Multisport Championships, a mega event that includes the World Triathlon Long Distance Championships; World Triathlon Duathlon Championships (Sprint and Standard); World Triathlon Cross Championships; World Triathlon Cross Duathlon Championships; World Triathlon Aquathlon Championships and World Triathlon Aquabike Championships.

The World Triathlon Multisport Championships are designed to provide a well organised event in all triathlon-related multisport disciplines, with a wide global reach and high-quality competitions for athletes.

Taking place over approximately 10 days, the World Triathlon Multisport Championships is more than just a sports competition for the athletes. It is also an important development opportunity from the grassroots to elite level, giving athletes from a wide range of Age-Groups the opportunity to race. The entire occasion is a visual spectacle designed to inspire and motivate, from the experienced to the newcomer. The estimated number of athletes participating at the championships is close to 4,500.

The deadline for presenting bids for the Multisport Championships ends on 30 August, with the selected city to be announced on 28 November, 2022.

2023 Season events

The World Triathlon Championship Series (WTCS) is the premier triathlon series and features the world’s best racing head-to-head in up to 10 races around the globe, including the flagship Championship Finals.

The World Triathlon Championship Series comprises Olympic Distance (1.5km swim, 40km bike and 10km run), Sprint Distance (750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run) and the new super-sprint format, and may include a Mixed Relay.

Elite triathletes now compete in these prestigious events in search of the World Triathlon Championship title. Since its launch in 2009, the profile of the World Triathlon Championship Series has grown rapidly, establishing itself as the pinnacle of Olympic and Sprint distance triathlon racing across the globe.

The hosting of Championship Series events offers cities opportunities to showcase their cities to millions of people via a live international television broadcast as well as to attract thousands of local, national and international guests and race participants. To date, annual on-site spectators for the Series events are upwards of 1 million.

The World Triathlon Cup competitions are the World Triathlon’s second-tier events, intended to provide a solid and professional base for triathletes pursuing entry to the World Triathlon Championship Series. These events are aligned with the World Triathlon Development programmes. They carry a substantial prize purse, have significant media, television and internet coverage and are also attractive for tourist destinations and major cities.

Cities hosting World Cup events can expect to attract an audience of millions of people around the world, including live internet streamings on and the distribution of features and interviews on all World Triathlon platforms, as well as international news distribution and international print media coverage.

The Para triathlon events open for bidding are the 2023 World Triathlon Para Series, the World Triathlon Para Cups and Continental Triathlon Para Cups.

Bids are also welcomed to host Multisport Cups in 2023. Following on from the success of the Multisport World Championships, the Multisport Cups will be held throughout the season, with events providing new opportunities for top Elite athletes to compete for prize money, as well as mass participation Age-Group races, in multisport disciplines outside of the standard and sprint-distance triathlons. To be considered to host such an event, organisers must offer two of the following events; Long Distance Triathlon (including Aquabike), Duathlon, Cross Triathlon, Cross Duathlon and Aquathlon.

For cities interested in hosting Winter events, bids are welcomed for the 2023 World Triathlon Winter Cups and Championships. Triathletes from all over the world will contest the winter sport over a 6km run, 12km mountain bike and 9.6km ski course.

Cities interested in hosting the 2023 World Championships, World Cup races and Para triathlon events in 2023 or Winter Triathlon events must submit their bid documents before 31 July, 2022. World Triathlon will review all candidatures and will announce the winning cities on 15 September 2022, after the approval of the Executive Board.

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