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World Triathlon Approves 2021 Bonus Pool Prize Money Of $750,000 Rising To $1mn For 2022

By Taruka Srivastav | July 12, 2021

World Triathlon’s Executive Board has approved this Thursday to allocate $750,000 USD in Bonus Pool Prize Money for the 2021 Maurice Lacroix World Triathlon Championship Series Ranking, which will be distributed after the 2021 World Triathlon Championship Finals in Edmonton.

The Board has also approved a significant increase in the Bonus Pool for the 2022 season to a landmark $1million.

World Triathlon, like all international sports organisations, was forced to hit the pause button on international competitions in 2020 with the worldwide effect of the pandemic and the placing of travel restrictions in many territories, and restarted competitions in the second half of the year. In 2021, World Triathlon was able to restart the Olympic Qualification Period in May and has successfully hosted several events, though the 2021 season will also be shorter, with fewer events than usual.

The events that will count for the 2021 Maurice Lacroix World Triathlon Championship Series Rankings will be:
World Triathlon Championships Yokohama (1000 points for the winner)
World Triathlon Championships Leeds (1000 points for the winner)
Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (1000 points for the winner)
World Triathlon Championships Montreal (1000 points for the winner)
World Triathlon Championship Finals Edmonton (1250 points for the winner)

The athletes’ final points totals will be the sum of the points earned from a maximum of three events out of the possible four and the Finals in Edmonton. The points will be decreased by 7.5% for every position.

The World Triathlon Championship Series season starts immediately after the previous season’s World Triathlon Championship Finals are concluded and finish with the next World Triathlon Championship Finals. As such, points won at the World Triathlon Championship Series events due to take place after Edmonton (Hamburg, Bermuda and Abu Dhabi) will all count for the 2022 season.

World Triathlon’s Executive Board has also urged the revision of the conditions with all event organisers to try to reduce costs for athletes that have increased with the impact of hosting events under bubble conditions due to COVID. World Triathlon is already working with the Canadian organisers and Canadian authorities to try to reduce these costs in Montreal and Edmonton and will communicate any changes or updates as soon as available.

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