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World Championship Air Race Collaborates With Aurora Media Worldwide To Develop Broadcast Format

March 11, 2021

World Championship Air Race has announced a partnership with London-based Aurora Media Worldwide to develop the broadcast format for the World Championship Air Race (WCAR) Series which is scheduled to commence in Q1 2022.

Specialising in the development and production of live, premium global sports events such as Formula-E and Extreme-E, Aurora Media is recognised as a creator of innovative, formatted international live broadcasts, which are widely distributed around the world.

Lawrence Duffy, Managing Director of Aurora Media Worldwide said: “We are delighted to be asked to develop the Broadcast and Digital format and footprint of the World Championship Air Race. Consumption habits continue to rapidly change, but the excitement of the live moment is still at the heart of sport, and this pioneering series suits our skill set. The revolution in mobility is as much in the sky as it is on the ground. We look forward to showcasing the technology and competition to create a brand new suite of content.”

Willie Cruickshank, WCAR Race Series Director, said: “We need to re-imagine and evolve the established Air Race format as a sport that uses innovation and diversity to adapt to meet the expectations of different demographics and a sustainable future. While it is undoubtedly entertainment, WCAR is first and foremost a sport and we are delighted to have completed an agreement with Aurora Media Worldwide Ltd to develop the broadcast format for our inaugural race series which is scheduled to commence in early 2022.

Willie Cruickshank, WCAR Race Series Director, said: “The combination of unlimited content choice and availability of multiple media devices has changed the sports landscape, with younger demographics no longer tied to schedules and watching linear TV programmes. Our partnership with Aurora Media Worldwide will see World Championship Air Race move from a traditional TV experience to a Multi-Platform, Multi-Device experience to meet those expectations.

“Evolving technology allows live and non-live content to be captured, curated and shared on more screens than ever before so we are excited to be working with a truly world-class partner to bring our global community of fans an exceptional, authentic and interactive Air Race experience.”

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