StriveCloud World Bowling

World Bowling And StriveCloud Partner To Change The Way The World Consumes Bowling Forever

August 6, 2020

World Bowling and StriveCloud, the leading Belgian gamification technology company, have signed a three year partnership to launch a direct to consumer (D2C) app that will unite millions of elite athletes, participants and fans with vibrant competitions and immersive viewing experiences.

This partnership is another step towards the objective of creating an innovative and immersive digital environment that adds a whole new dimension in the experiencing of bowling, from both athlete and a viewer perspective, with the ambition and potential to make bowling the most integrated and digitally connected sport in the world.

Freek Borghgraef, StriveCloud’s co-founder and Head of Customer Development said: “I was staggered to find out how data-driven the world of bowling is. Being able to track a broad set of statistics of almost any game of bowling played globally opens up a brave new world of possibilities to change the way the world consumes bowling. And that’s exactly the ambition.”

Chris Neilson, World Bowling’s Innovation and Business Development Director commented: “This is a giant step for us as we start to break from traditional methodology to partner with experts in the esports community to bring together our sport, our athletes and our federations.

Neilson continued “Strivecloud will provide the core of our digital environment that allows us to build the platform and community along with QubicaAMF, Stack Sports, YBVR and future partners”.

StriveCloud World Bowling