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World Aquatics and Malmsten renew long-standing partnership until 2028

January 31, 2024

World Aquatics and Malmsten have reached an agreement to extend their partnership for another 4 years. The renewed contract has been established for the 2025-2028 period.

Malmsten has been an Official Supplier of World Aquatics since 2009; during which time they have fitted aquatics arenas around the world with the highest quality equipment.

Under the 2025-2028 contract, Malmsten will supply a wide range of innovative and impressive equipment to several aquatics competitions including; World Aquatics Championships, World Aquatics Masters Championships, World Aquatics Swimming Championships (25m) and the World Cups for all aquatic sports.

The equipment they will provide includes:

Swimming: racing lane lines,

Open Water Swimming: finishing rows of inflatable horizontal buoys including turning and guiding buoys

Water Polo: official water polo goals, field of play markings/boundaries, field cones on field lines, ball release systems, referees’ catwalks with interchangeable field matting and referees’ ball holders

World Aquatics President Husain Al-Musallam stated: “With the founder’s roots being in competitive swimming, Malmsten has a deep understanding of the equipment needed in world-class aquatics disciplines. They also recognise the importance of having the best possible apparatus that allows athletes to perform at their best. We are thrilled to renew our partnership with Malmsten and look forward to our continued collaboration in the years ahead.”

In addition to providing equipment, Malmsten will also provide investment into the World Aquatics Scholarship Programme, ensuring that elite athletes of the future are provided with the best opportunity to develop their talent and perform to the best of their ability in the fairest of conditions.

“Malmsten is extremely proud of its long-term partnership with World Aquatics,” said Malmsten CEO Marcus Malmsten. “My father, Tommy Malmsten, started the company to supply functional and durable aquatics equipment, and I am honoured to continue a partnership which began in 2009 and proud to support World Aquatics vision: “a world united by water, for health, life and sport.”

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