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Volleyball World Unveils ‘Equal Jersey’ Campaign To Promote Gender Equality

June 21, 2021

Volleyball World has launched the world’s first ‘Equal Jersey’ campaign, which will see the sport’s top players champion gender equality by wearing a special edition jersey featuring their own name and that of a player of the opposite gender.

Male and female players who share the same jersey number will proudly wear each other’s names on their jerseys for the first time at the Volleyball Nations League (VNL) 2021 Finals on 25 and 27 June 2021. The special edition jerseys will be worn during the finals to highlight how the sport of volleyball, the players and the fans all strive to challenge the inequality which frequently exists between genders in the world of sport.

Three pairs of players have been confirmed as the first Equal Jersey ambassadors, including: Lauren Carlini (USA) and Facundo Conte (ARG) sharing the No. 7 Equal Jersey, Natalia Goncharova (RUS) and Wallace de Souza (BRA) sharing No. 8, and Eda Erdem (TUR) and Nimir Abdel-Aziz (NED) sharing No. 14.

While the rules in sports are often the same for all players, there remains a huge disparity between genders in sport which needs to be challenged.  Volleyball aims to promote a level playing field across the sport with women’s and men’s major competitions receiving equal prize money and generating equal viewing figures. However, Volleyball World recognises there is always room to improve. This is why the sport of volleyball, through the Equal Jersey activation, aims to rectify this situation and score another point for gender equality.

Volleyball World CEO Finn Taylor said: “Volleyball World is proud to be a leading advocate for promoting gender equality in sport. Gender equality and inclusivity are in volleyball’s DNA and we will always refuse to accept the status quo.

“It is a sport where, on an international level, women and men compete on a level playing field, with equal opportunities, equal pay and equal attention. But we have to do more to lead from the front in this regard, showcasing volleyball’s culture of inclusivity and equality in new and innovative ways to encourage greater action across the world of sport.

“By launching the Equal Jersey campaign, we aim to showcase that volleyball is universal. It brings people together and players and fans cheer for all, championing equality, diversity and inclusion as a limitless strength.”

Gender Equality sportsbiz