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January 14, 2022

iSportConnect takes a look at what the industry has been saying on some of the biggest happenings around sport and business over the past seven days.

The PGA Tour And Netflix Agree A Deal For A Documentary Series

This looks like it could be a terrific move for the PGA Tour in order to get golf into a more wider audience and capitalise on the sports documentary boom, when looking at Netflix’s Drive To Survive and The Last Dance, as well as Amazon’s All Or Nothing.

Many were quick to point out that a large number of the world’s top golfers have signed on to be part of this new series.

Meanwhile, Scottish golfer Richie Ramsay made an important point that it will be just as interesting to see the stories of those who are not the cream of the crop and will be fighting for the livelihoods on a regular basis, such is the tough nature of the tour.

Golf journalist Geoff Shackleford was also quick to note that many players are reluctant to share on-course thoughts, so will they be more accommodating to Netflix?

The best part for Netflix is that they don’t even need to think of a new title, Drive To Survive will do just fine once again!

Novak Djokovic & The Australian Open

Novak Djokovic is once again facing deportation from Australia after his visa was cancelled for the second time by the country, he is now appealing in order to be able to compete in the event at Melbourne Park, starting on Monday.

Tim Crow gave his thoughts to BBC Radio 5Live earlier this week on how this latest controversy will affect Djokovic from a sponsorship perspective.

As this is a legal issue for Australia as a country to deal with, the ATP have steered well away from the conversation, only briefing stating the damage it could have overall.

Andy Murray tried to provide an overall perspective and look at the human side both sides of the coin as Djokovic’s second visa cancellation was announced. In better tennis news the Scot is on the verge of his first title since 2019 in Sydney this weekend.

The Renewal Of The Louvre Agreement

There was widespread positivity in esports at the renewal of the Louvre Agreement, which will see a number of major esports franchises continue to take part in ESL until 2025.

The agreement works to create stability for the ESL Pro League and ensure that all of the teams are working together in order to create the most positive commercial situation for the league and ensure continual growth.

PS. Here’s an enjoyable thread for you to end the week:

Australian Open Djokovic Netflix PGA Tour