Victor Marin, C.D. Leganés Marketing Director On Recent Fan Engagement Partnership

November 20, 2020

As a result of the new technology partnership between C.D. Leganés and Seyu, fans  are being ‘sneaked back’ at the Municipal Stadium of Butarque for home matches. We asked Víctor Marín, the club’s marketing director, how he is evaluating the cooperation.

What were your initial thoughts when you heard about Seyu’s solution the first time?

When I heard about Seyu’s solution I thought it could be a great fan-engagement experience. Here in LaLiga no one made anything like that, so I was really interested and hoped to be the first in Spain to bring an innovative solution and involve our fans, who cannot attend matches.

How smooth was it for you and C.D. Leganés to set up Seyu’s solution when it came to putting the technology in place?

Usually with all new technology, there is always a learning curve. In this case we had some technical parameters that had to be adjusted but we did that in a fast manner. Now we completed 3 matches without any trouble which gives us great confidence in Seyu’s service.

How did Seyu help with the challenges that the club faces?

As in Spain fans still can not attend matches, they introduced to us a solution that could ‘bring them back’ in our stadium through a loyalty program. Fans can cheer for their favourites from the stadium, and we could increase webshop sales with additional revenue. Also they expanded the sponsor’s advertisement surface with 8 additional digital commercial platforms.

How did your sponsor, Mercedes-Benz Citycar Sur feel about the new activity when you opened up conversations with them?

When we spoke with Mercedes-Benz Citycar Sur about this solution they liked it a lot, and thought it could be interesting as it wasn’t a conventional asset and their exposure will be higher through the several additional platforms they were displayed on. Beside this was a fan-engagement asset so it was really interesting for them. 

By how much did you increase sales through the loyalty marketing program so far? 

Through our partnership, we decided to sell the VIP Fan experience of photo posting with our new club branded mask. In the first three matches we’ve sold more than 150 masks which surpassed our expectations. Even though right now it is difficult for stores, this action helps the club a lot in challenging times like this.

Overall, how do you find working with Seyu throughout the cooperation?

It’s great to work with them. They prepared everything on time that was needed for the campaign to run smoothly. Their ideas connect really quickly with ours and it’s a pleasure for us to be the first team in LaLiga to have our fans back in the stadium. 

Who would you recommend to partner up with Seyu?

I would recommend all clubs to partner up with Seyu, as they’ll introduce a new solution that will provide the clubs with an innovative, appealing solution for fan engagement, and also new opportunities for clubs and sponsors as well.

About Seyu

‘Seyu – Together for Victory!’ is an IT solution that helps clubs to generate more revenue on already sold commercial surfaces and building a desired emotional bridge between brands and fans. Executing this in a way that enables sport organizations to tap into the huge spending power of remote fans while generating a new kind of consumer data and accelerating their MARKETING-PR-CSR communications. Seyu is an easy to implement, 170+ events proven, AI assisted solution which is using sport industry partners’ already existing IT infrastructure to allow fans around the world, through a moderated channel, to post their photos on to the LED boards and other screens in the stadiums on matchdays, and share them instantly on social media in branded frames.