Valorant To Represent LDN UTD In All Competitions & Create Engaging Content

March 16, 2021

LDN UTD the esports organisation that uses gaming and esports to address social issues has signed a Valorant roster to represent the organisation in competitive Valorant.

Comprising Adam “Jesse” Čtvrtníček, Geoff “M1sfit” Woodward, Josh “Neph” Munro, Ondřej “Monsteerr” Petrů and Jack “Kpiz” Pragnell, some of whom have been playing under the “Unsigned” banner, the players have been recognised on the Valorant scene for their potential that has been demonstrated in recent events.

Already in their short careers, to date, Kpiz has won Versus Legends, LVP – Genesis Cup Sombras, and along with Neph has also won 2 x Valhalla Invitational; Jesse, M1sfit, and Neph have won the RIX GG Kick Off Community Tournament; whilst youngsters Monsteerr and Jesse are players with promising futures.

Going forward, the roster will be aligning with LDN UTD’s values on wellness and nutrition, and can be expected to appear in regular content streams and LDN UTD campaigns to raise awareness of LDN UTD’s values.

In tandem LDN UTD will use the roster to assist in discovering and training grassroots talent and spearhead the strategy to discover, develop and nurture LDN’s promising grassroots Valorant talent, whilst ensuring that we encourage women, minorities, and the under privileged to participate in gaming.

By signing this roster, LDN UTD has affirmed its long term commitment to being a stakeholder to work alongside others to develop the UK Valorant scene, and will be announcing further activities and content creators in due course.

M1sfit said, “It is no secret that we have been free agents for some time, and looking to find the right organisation we believe can support us, with the right infrastructure and develop our potential. LDN UTD may not be known in the Valorant community, but their credibility in the campaigns they have held, and their existing talent, convinced us they would be a good home for us. We’re all excited to represent LDN UTD and of course encourage the grassroots talent to join LDN UTD and learn from us”.

Oliver Weingarten, CEO of LDN UTD, said “Given the explosive growth of Valorant, we have been looking at entering Valorant for some time. However we always needed the right opportunity, that made sense for LDN UTD. Having gotten to know Jesse, M1sfit, Neph, Monsteerr, and Kpiz, we have been impressed by their drive to succeed but also recognition of what LDN UTD stands for and wanting to help us grow our mission to raise awareness of the issues we address, and encourage gamers of all backgrounds to engage with us.”