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Unibet new official partner of Ajax

June 21, 2022

Ajax has signed a multi-year agreement with Unibet, a provider of online sports betting. Unibet will join the Ajax partnership group, effective immediately.

The collaboration follows after Unibet received a license on June 8, 2022 to offer online games in the Netherlands. In addition to a commercial partnership, Ajax and Unibet will work together in the field of the prevention of matchfixing, mental health and responsible gambling.

Menno Geelen, Commercial Director Ajax: “We are delighted with Unibet as our newest partner. Unibet is known worldwide as a frontrunner in the field of responsible gaming. This will receive explicit attention in our partnership. Unibet distinguishes itself through their high-quality product offering that is enjoyed by fans. We will support this with joint content and initiatives. Above that, we will also commit to Unibet Impact.”

Unibet Impact
Lennart Kessels, General Manager of Unibet Netherlands: “We are extremely proud to work together with Ajax. Within our partnership, we will invest in Unibet Impact. Unibet Impact is a unique program based on partnerships with professional and amateur sportclubs, and societal organizations. Unibet Impact is dedicated to fostering a safer and more responsible online gambling industry, while bringing fun and entertainment to the Dutch society.”

“Specifically with Ajax, we want to focus on responsible gambling in relation to mental health. In the coming period, we will investigate how we are going to shape this exactly, while also learning from initiatives that we have already supported elsewhere in the world. We look forward to rolling this out together with Ajax.”

Ajax Unibet