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UEFA Agrees Three-Year Partnership With FedEx

By Taruka Srivastav | May 10, 2021

FedEx Corp. and UEFA have signed a three-year agreement to sponsor FedEx from the beginning of the 2021/22 season to the 2023/24 season The three consecutive UEFA Champions League (UEFA Champions League). 

The agreement also includes sponsorship rights for the UEFA Super Cup, UEFA Youth League finals, UEFA Champions League Futsal finals and UEFA eChampions League .

This sponsorship is based on the existing relationship between FedEx and UEFA. FedEx became the main sponsor of the UEFA Europa League in 2015 and the UEFA National Team Football sponsor in 2019. FedEx is also the official logistics partner of the 2020 European Football Championship (UEFA EURO) to be held in several European host cities in the summer of 2021.

This new sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League reaffirms FedEx’s status as a long-term sponsor of UEFA.

In 2016, FedEx became the first sponsor to cooperate with UEFA Foundation for Children, using football as a tool to create a positive social impact in communities around the world. In addition to sponsoring the UEFA Europa League and the 2020 European Football Championship, FedEx and the UEFA Foundation have built multiple safe community football stadiums in Spain, Poland, Brazil, and South Africa, and launched the co-funded “Football Driven” The “Football for Employability” project has benefited many young people in Romania, Hungary, the United Kingdom and Ireland. FedEx also cooperated with non-profit organizations in Stockholm, Sweden, Lyon, France, and Baku, Azerbaijan, inviting local children to serve as player mascots in the UEFA Europa League final. This all-female player mascot lineup is still in the history of football. See you first.

Brie Carere, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of FedEx Corp. said: “Our global sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League will bring unparalleled opportunities for our brand, team members, customers and communities to match our brand with world-class athletic performance. Being consistent allows us to use the enthusiasm and emotion generated by sports to build a connection between our services and the audience, and allows us to contribute to the local community.”

“We will continue to explore strong social responsibility cooperation with UEFA Children’s Fund, just like we have done in the entire UEFA European League.”

UEFA Marketing Director Guy-Laurent Epstein said: “FedEx has proven to be a valuable partner of UEFA. We are very pleased that FedEx will continue to develop with us. The cooperation between the two parties began in 2015 and now they continue to support our The flagship club competition-the Champions League. The Champions League is the greatest club competition in the world. We look forward to working closely with FedEx in the next three years to help them launch many projects. They will not only benefit the football world, but also have a positive impact on the environment. .”

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