UCI Commits To Better Representation Of Women On Its Management Committee

By Taruka Srivastav | June 2, 2021

The UCI’s sustainability targets pool the concrete goals that the UCI commits to achieving in its own activities. A calendar to achieve the targets – starting in June 2021 and finishing in 2030 – is integrated into this agenda. It includes the following objectives:

  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions from UCI and UCI World Cycling Centre (WCC) operations to achieve carbon neutrality with a 45% reduction of absolute emissions by 2030;
  • integrate environmental, social and economic responsibility into the UCI’s policies, operations and decision-making processes;
  • establish a taskforce to guide the development of a strategy of equality, diversity and inclusion in cycling;
  • develop a sustainable sourcing strategy for the UCI and UCI events;
  • share best practice and become a global centre for collaboration on cycling sustainability solutions, including providing National Federations with sustainability resources and education through the UCI WCC;
  • develop a carbon calculator tool for use by cycling stakeholders;
  • measure the UCI’s environmental and social impacts to report progress against sustainability objectives and UN Sustainable Development Goals;
  • work with organisations from the world over to protect and enhance the planet’s biodiversity;
  • advocate for safe cycling everywhere and promote strong local economies through cycling and sustainable development.

With these new developments, the UCI means to strengthen the promotion of cycling as a means of helping address major challenges facing humanity, such as climate change, air pollution and health problems linked to inactivity.

“The adoption of a concrete Sustainability Strategy by the UCI is an important development for reinforcing cycling’s contribution to resolving numerous major problems faced by our society today (not least climate change, pollution and inactivity), while at the same time pinpointing the responsibilities of all those implicated in our sport as they go about their activities.

“Moreover, it has been particularly important not only to support members of the cycling family with guidelines, but to set our own objectives which we commit to respecting in clearly defined timelines.  It is the goal of our sustainability targets.

“The promotion of diversity, inclusion and equality occupies a fundamental place among our sustainability targets. It is with this in mind that we have undertaken measures to enhance, respect and promote diversity in cycling, whether that is within our Federations and its bodies or on a wider world scale, via the UCI World Cycling Centre and the UCI’s solidarity programmes.

“In the current world situation, the bike is undergoing an exceptional development phase. The UCI welcomes this development and continues to work to the extent of its possibilities to contribute to it.”