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Topgolf Callaway acquires BigShots for $29m

November 6, 2023

Topgolf Callaway Brands Corp. has purchased certain assets from Invited, Inc. (“Invited”), the largest owner and operator of private golf clubs in the US, related to its BigShots Golf (“BigShots”) business.

The acquisition adds the BigShots brand and certain locations to the Company’s portfolio of U.S. venues, expanding its leadership position in off-course golf. The acquired BigShots’ portfolio includes four domestic venues, comprised of one owned venue and three franchise venues, as well as certain other development rights for other potential venues. Concurrent with this transaction, the Company has also entered into a preferred vendor agreement with Invited in which Topgolf Callaway Brands’ products and merchandise will be featured at Invited’s more than 140 golf and country clubs.

The purchase price for the initial closing is approximately $29 million. The Company expects the acquisition to be nominally accretive in its first year and contribute to scaling economics thereafter. The transaction is viewed as both financially and strategically attractive to both sides.

Chip Brewer, President and CEO of Topgolf Callaway Brands, said, “This acquisition will benefit all three segments of our business. We are essentially purchasing an additional off-course venue and the royalty stream from three franchise venues, including the option to convert those to Toptracer technology in the near future, as well as further building out and strengthening our future venue pipeline and growing our partnership with an important golf equipment and apparel partner, Invited – all for the price of approximately one Topgolf venue. This deal is a great example of the synergies associated with our portfolio of brands and its leadership position in Modern Golf. It is also just the beginning of what’s possible when two great brands combine their resources and creativity to develop programs that foster growth and further fuel the momentum in our game.”

Acquisition Golf sportsbiz