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Three Key Takeaways From Our Digital Content Strategy eMasterclass

February 19, 2021

Brandon Garcia, iSPORTCONNECT’s Head of Consultancy, has picked out his three key points noted from this week eMasterclass ‘The Key Role of Short-Form Videos in Digital Content Strategies’.

I would like to share with you, our iSPORTCONNECT community, a number of key-learnings from a very experienced and innovative panel discussion at our latest digital content strategies webinar.

Content segmentation

Using Artificial Intelligence and Automation is key to reach every layer and target audiences especially in a day and age when we are flooded with a constant flow of content. The quality also plays a big role in this efficiency exercise.

Available vs Behind the paywall

The right balance tried and tested by many leaders in the space.

All platforms aiming to have a profitable business but taking the step too abruptly on placing most content behind the paywall can have a serious detriment in the number of subscriptions generated and retained.

The human element

There are times when technology cannot replace that moment and the capture driven by emotion. The element of finding and connecting the story around the game is a gift that keeps on giving for a loyal fan.

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