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The Opportunities, Challenges And Learnings Sports Organisations Have Experienced With Apps

October 12, 2021

After fan engagement was thrust even further into the spotlight during the Coronavirus pandemic it continues to be a leading focus for teams and organisations. At our recent iSportConnect Lausanne Summit we looked at how apps are becoming a key area to utilise in order to best enhance fan engagement. 

Sporting organisations are constantly looking to get closer to their fans, with the wide range of social media platforms available in today’s world making it more and more confusing and to where and how best to interact with your fans.

However, one area that is seeing a raft of positivity for some of these organisations is that of apps, which are becoming a greater focus for many.

“For us it was about giving a service to our community, that makes their life easier.”

“Late Q4 2020 there was both a heightened level of interest and more capability to execute, so six to nine months from the beginning of Covid we saw a lot of increase in the demand for high-quality apps,” says Kaius Meskanen, CEO of Choicely.

The reason for this is the greater accessibility for those who have an application on their phone, as they have immediate access to all of the content they are looking for within their favourite sport and those controlling the apps can send them push notifications to direct them to it at any time.

But the key for those who begin to use an app is to ensure that the content is regularly updated in order to keep fans engaged, otherwise they can quickly lose interest, so it is crucial to have a plan of action.

Find out more from the International Judo Federation, World Athletics and app-creating platform Choicely from our Lausanne Summit in this new video.

“Making the app was not about attracting a different community, we’re doing that through the marketing and the media content we’re preparing,” Vlad Marinescu, Director General of the IJF commented.

“For us it was about giving a service to our community, a service they were expecting, that makes their life easier, their access to the content, results and videos from events faster and more efficient.”

iSportConnect will be hosting a private virtual workshop alongside Choicely looking at ‘The Mobile App Opportunity’ on Wednesday, November 3rd at 2pm GMT. Contact if you would like to be part of this event.

Choicely International Judo Federation world athletics