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Tech Mahindra Agrees Fan Engagement Partnership With Fanisko

December 11, 2020

Tech Mahindra , a leading provider of digital transformation, consulting and business reengineering services and Fanisko, a unique one-stop fan engagement platform that helps sports and entertainment brands increase mobile fan retention and digital engagement, partner to revolutionize match viewing experience for sports fan.

Through this partnership, Tech Mahindra and Fanisko will leverage new-age technologies to enhance fan engagement and present innovative business models of monetization for sports organisations globally.

As part of the partnership, Tech Mahindra and Fanisko will jointly work towards fast tracking digital strategy to convert ordinary fan interactions into strategic business opportunities by enhancing fan engagement through hyper personalization. Both the companies will leverage social media platforms, data analytics, gamification and interactive Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities to drive new monetization opportunities through mobile applications and social commerce among others.

Jagdish Mitra, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Growth, Tech Mahindra, said, “Technology will be the key enabler in accelerating digital disruptions and innovation across sectors in a post-COVID world. As part of the TechMNxt charter, we have partnered with Fanisko to enable a complete sports experience for our fans by leveraging next-generation technology. Further, we have jointly worked on bringing this experience to the fans of the India Premier League and Indian Super League teams”

Tech Mahindra will also support Fanisko to reach wider markets and audiences through comprehensive fan engagement platforms and digital campaigns.

Sathish Chittibabu, Co-founder and CEO, Fanisko said, “Digital fan engagement is the future of sports and sports organizations are eager to understand their digital fan base and are prioritizing their efforts to keep them engaged and retained. This presents a great opportunity for us, as our platform not only supports identifying high value digital fans but also engaging them wherever they are and retaining them through personalized immersive and interactive experiences. Our emphasis on brand activations has proven to add new monetization opportunities for sports organizations. We are thrilled to partner with Tech Mahindra and collectively deliver digital fan experiences & brand activations to sports organizations globally.”

Manish Upadhyay, Head – Global Business Development, Sports Vertical, Tech Mahindra, said, “We are currently working with Fanisko to build sports ecosystem through various use cases, which can help us to identify, engage and monetise from wider fan base. This involves co-creating various digital assets based on our core strength in 5G, analytics and digital. Our vision is to provide hyper personalised and augmented experience to global sports fan and drive brand activations, that can help sports properties to transform into digital properties and monetise on new revenue streams.”

Fan Engagement