Team iSPORTCONNECT’s Thoughts On 2020 And Predictions For 2021

December 18, 2020

For the end of 2020 at iSPORTCONNECT we decided to put four questions to all of our team members to see what their thoughts were at the end of this wild year and look ahead to 2021.

The four questions were:

  • What’s something you’ll take away from 2020?
  • The best or funniest sports content piece you’ve seen this year?
  • What are you most looking forward to next year?
  • What’s your big sporting prediction for 2021?

Let’s see what the team had to say…

What’s something you’ll take away from 2020?

SREE – The importance of fans in the stadium and data on your fanbase: understanding your fan, their behaviours, purchasing patterns and likes and dislikes will keep your customers loyal and make you able to monetise them through digital sponsorship especially when your event is being affected by a pandemic.

SANDY – Live sport needs fans.

BEN – Not taking things like going out and attending events for granted and making the most of them.

RAY – That it’s been tough but we’ll recover, I’m optimistic for the future!

TARUKA – Realising the importance of fans in the stadium and mental health.

JOE – A shaved head doesn’t suit me.

BETHANY – The importance of taking your time for yourself, you can always learn and develop your knowledge and skills. You never know what could be around the corner (thank you iSPORTCONNECT for making me part of a fantastic team)

ABID – Reading our daily newsletter…

CHANDRAKANT – Overcoming fears.

RAGHAV CHAWLA (RC) – I am not the biggest fan of virtual cheers and empty stands.

The best or funniest piece of sports content you’ve seen this year?

SREE – Australia & India’s first ODI game with fans cheering in the stadium.

SANDY – The Burger Queen sponsorship.

RAY – Not necessarily content, but Liverpool losing 7-2 to Aston Villa.

BEN – So many, but Bleacher Report’s absolutely incredible ‘Game of Zones’ Series coming to a close ended one of the most consistently brilliant content pieces for the last few years. Easter eggs galore for any NBA fan.

Leyton Orient playing their first Covid-postponed fixture in March on Football Manager while live-tweeting it and polling the fans for tactical changes in real time gets an honourable mention from me. Genius.

JOE – It only happened this week, but this.

TARUKA – Burger Queen ad, Rising Phoenix Doc and NIKE’s ads.

BETHANY – Rising Phoenix Documentary on Netflix.

ABID – The spanish golfer John Rahm, hitting the ball that went on to skim over a pond and then curled at an angle around the course to land inside hole No.16. making it one of the best golf shots ever.

CHANDRAKANT – Barcelona trolling Juventus with their Messi ‘GOAT’ post, Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo hit back –

RC – Southampton FC’s ‘Stop The Count’ Tweet.

What are you most looking forward to next year?

SREE – The Olympics.

SANDY – Having face to face meetings again.

BEN – Experiencing a normal summer once again and the epic summer of sport that was taken away from us this year.

RAY – Being able to see my friends in person again.

BETHANY – More fans being able to be back in the stands where they belong, sport is nothing without the passion of their fans.

TARUKA – *LIVE* sports resuming

JOE – Euro 2020(1).

ABID – The COVID Vaccine. 

CHANDRAKANTH – Learn more about sports industry, improving my language, meeting new people and making awesome bonds.

RC – Normality, hopefully…

Give us your big sporting prediction for 2021?

SREE – Roger Federer retiring after Wimbledon 2021.

SANDY – Tyson Fury to beat Anthony Joshua and unite all the belts.

BEN – Noah Lyles to win double gold in the 100m and 200m at Tokyo 2020.

RAY – Ma Long to win Table Tennis gold in Tokyo to become the GOAT.

TARUKA – Manchester United winning a game and India to win more golds at the Olympics.

JOE – Bayern Munich to win the Champions League.

BETHANY – Team GB Women’s Football Team to win Gold at the Tokyo Olympics.

ABID – Indian Cricket Team to regain the top position in ODI World rankings.

CHANDRAKANTH – The esports industry growing more than any other.

RC – India reclaiming the Border Gavaskar trophy, down under.