STN Video Renews Multi-Year Digital Highlights Distribution Agreement With The PGA TOUR

May 25, 2022

STN Video is pleased to announce the multi-year renewal of their exclusive partnership with the PGA TOUR to distribute digital video highlights to news publishers. STN partners with every major sports league and organization in the United States and Canada, bringing exclusive, premium sports videos to digital publishers in both countries. STN has been the PGA TOUR’s online video distribution platform for local & regional news outlets since 2014.

The PGA TOUR provides STN with one of the largest golf video content offerings in all of digital sports. Over the course of this partnership with the PGA TOUR, STN Video has delivered hundreds of millions of video views to engaged golf fans. This premium golf video offering, which includes over 100 highlights per event round, player interviews, and expert analysis, is made available to the top digital publishers across the U.S. and Canada to extend the TOUR’s brand and sponsors to their avid golf fans.

“STN Video is a first-rate partner for distributing our digital video content to news outlets and golf fans,” said Chris Wandell, Vice President, Media Business Development at the PGA TOUR. “Since 2014, our partnership has successfully allowed the TOUR’s digital video content to reach more golf fans through STN’s publishing partners while creating more opportunities for TOUR sponsors and advertisers.”

“The PGA TOUR produces the very best in professional golf content,” states STN’s CEO Matthew Watson. “We are extremely pleased to provide one of the largest digital distribution platforms in all of sports to not only display this world-class content, but to offer unique and incremental opportunities for the premier brands supporting the PGA TOUR.”