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Sports Industry Awards: Entries close in one month

November 8, 2022

The entry period for the Sport Industry Awards 2023 will close on Thursday 8th December, however,
extensions will be allowed for 2022 FIFA World Cup campaigns.

The Sport Industry Awards celebrate the immense work carried out within the sector, whether it’s delivering world-class events and campaigns, using sport as a platform to drive social change, or
activating a sponsorship that reverberates around the industry and beyond.

If your organisation has delivered some outstanding work in 2022, then you’re encouraged to enter
one of the 18 prestigious awards categories and put you and your team in the position of winning a
coveted Sport Industry Award.

In a recent ‘Meet the Categories’ event hosted at the Sport Industry Group offices in London, four-
time Sport Industry Awards winner and the former Communications and Marketing Director at the
All England Club, Alex Willis, had this to say about entering the awards, “Obviously the ultimate
objective is to win but being shortlisted is an unbelievable sign of amazing work.

“I think sometimes people don’t appreciate enough what an honour it is to be on the shortlist. Even
just entering, having the guts to say ‘I’ve done some work that I’m really proud of and I’m going to
write it up in the best possible way I can’ is important.

“Whether it then becomes a case study for doing more stuff internally, whatever it might be. It’s not
just about the awards, it’s also about your own position within the organisation and your team being
proud of what they’ve done.”

As with all the Sport Industry Awards, the selection process for the winners is fully overseen by a
team of independent adjudicators.

The 2023 edition of the Awards will take place at Evolution London in Battersea on Thursday 27th

Check out the full list of categories and start your entry here, or take at look at the top tips for an
award-winning entry here.

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