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“SPORTEL Rendez-vous features a streamlined two-day format acting as a connecter of cultures to develop valuable business”

February 20, 2024

Ahead of the SPORTEL Bali to take place on 22 – 23 February 2024, iSportConnect spoke with Agnès Marsan, Executive Director, SPORTEL Rendez-vous to find out what makes it unique.

Why Bali? Going global to fit with South America and Monaco?

This is the second time we are organising SPORTEL Rendez-vous in Bali.

Two years ago, in 2022, we were contacted by Peter F. Gontha from Transvision to organise a SPORTEL edition together in Indonesia. One year later, we were holding our first event in Bali. Renewing SPORTEL in Bali in 2024 is strategic considering the development of new technologies, digital engagement, innovation and esport sectors in the region. In addition, as the fourth largest population and one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, the Indonesian population has a massive interest in sports and there is a huge development potential for sports broadcasting in the country. Indeed, with a population of 280 million, Indonesia is embracing the international sports media and technology market with sports properties such as motorsport, football, cycling, basketball, e-sport…

Then, Bali was an easy choice as a destination. In addition to offering a flourishing Tech-Hub ecosystem and therefore new business market, Bali is easily accessible through its international airport, notably from Australia, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Istanbul etc.

Our global strategy is very clear. SPORTEL Monaco remains the main flagship event that reunites all SPORTEL’s community and the SPORTEL “Rendez-Vous” series provide additional opportunities to do business internationally, in different markets and continents, all throughout the year, in a smaller, more intimate and affordable format. With our two events abroad, one on the Asian Continent and one in the Americas, we at SPORTEL continue to develop new markets to offer more business opportunities to our clients.

In fact, in 2024 for the first time in 10 years, we will hold our SPORTEL America, usually held in Miami, in South America, and more specifically in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 14 to 15 May.

It is the very first time, we are going to a Spanish Speaking country and the event already promises to be very successful.

Tell us the kind of line up one can expect at SPORTEL Bali. 

A firm favourite at SPORTEL events, is the innovative and expansive conference summit at Speakers Corner, bringing participants the very latest in how content meets technology through a series of Masterclasses, and presentations which will complement the business and networking meetings during SPORTEL Rendez-vous Bali.

A stellar speaker line up of regional and international decision makers and technology disruptors, from a melting pot of cultures, spanning Indonesia, SE Asia, Australia, the Indian subcontinent, Europe and beyond, will bring to the table their experience and vision to share with participants. Hot topics include OTT, streaming & content delivery; the collaborative effort to tackle piracy in Indonesia & Asia; gaming & sports maximising online experiences; the Indian subcontinent as a major market for sports media & tech; raising the game of football in Indonesia; the boom in women’s sports, from viewership to commercial opportunities; cost effective IP-video technology distribution; how niche sports are riding the wave through D2C, OTT & social media; AI transforming the media landscape; monetising sustainability & championing social awareness through sports, all offering key take aways for business strategies, plus an innovative Pitch Session to showcase some of the SPORTEL newcomers.

What makes SPORTEL Bali different from other sporting events?

SPORTEL Rendez-vous features a streamlined two-day format acting as a connecter of cultures to develop valuable business and providing the community with a more regionalised and intimate industry gathering.

Our added-value is to bring together the whole sports business industry in one place. Technology companies, broadcasters, streaming services and sports federations network and exchange, not just to find new clients and do business but also to shape together the future of the industry.

In addition to the business market, attendees will be treated to a series of masterclasses and presentations during a two-day summit, which will also feature ‘Pitch Sessions’, where SPORTEL newcomers will present quickfire pitches in front of a jury and event delegates.

What has been the response of APAC sports execs/organisations?

As mentioned, SPORTEL in Bali is a regional event focusing on the APAC Market so that our community can meet the business leaders from the region who are not attending SPORTEL Monaco. 

Our clients such as FIFA, Bundesliga, LFP Media, Lega Serie A Premier League, NBA, ATP Media, Matchroom, FIBA, Team Marketing, Infront, Mediapro, WSC Sports and many more, come to Bali to meet and connect with the key rights holders and broadcasters as well as sports industry players from the region such as: Vision +, Vidio, RCTI, TVRI, Trans TV, Trans 7 among others from Indonesia, but also numerous companies from Australia, thanks to its proximity to Bali like Jam TV, Fox Sports, National Basketball League and Australian Sports Technologies Network, coming with a few of their members.

This edition will be a unique opportunity to meet the most consequential C-level decision makers (42%) within the APAC sports business industry. The 2024 Rendez-vous is already attracting 60% of attendees from Asian territories and 30% of Content Buyers. 

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