Sinclair Broadcast Group Reportedly Raising Funds To Launch Streaming Service

By Taruka Srivastav | June 14, 2021

Sinclair Broadcast Group is raising money for a new service that would stream games by the St. Louis Cardinals, the Dallas Mavericks and many other major US sports teams, the New York Post has reported.

Sinclair own the exclusive broadcasting rights for numerous franchises across the main US Sports Leagues, so a new streaming service would already contain a lot of rights without the need to spend greatly to acquire content.

The Post states that sources have claimed Sinclair have joined up with LionTree, an investment bank, to raise the $250 million necessary to make the platform a reality.

It is also mentioned that Sinclair have their eyes on pricing this service at $23 a month in the markets when they hold those broadcast right.

The service would reportedly be in use ahead of the start of next year’s Major League Baseball season, likely around March or April 2022.