Serbia announced as hosts of 2022 IMMAF World Championships

November 23, 2022

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation has granted the rights to the 2022 IMMAF World Championships to Serbia, under the Serbian Mixed Martial Arts Federation.

The Senior and Junior Championships will take place during the week commencing the 12 February 2023 at the Stark Arena, in Belgrade – a modern multipurpose venue for sports, culture, entertainment, exhibitions, fairs, and other events with state-of-the-art technology. Teams and delegates are expected to travel out to the event on 11 February, with further information to follow.

The Championship will be held in partnership with Arena Sport TV.

IMMAF President Kerrith Brown said:

“On behalf of the board, I’m pleased to announce that we now have date and location for the 2022 IMMAF World Championships which will cap off our 2022 competition year, in which we were able to host a full calendar of Championships for the first time in our build back from the pandemic. The event promises to kick off another full year for IMMAF, as hosting rights agreements are being finalised for IMMAF’s continental events.

“I would like to congratulate President Luka Nikolić and the host federation on the success of their bid. We look forward to working with a well-experienced and resourced federation and partners for the organising of another stellar amateur MMA world championships.”