Roundtable wrap-up: Empowering Sports Content with AI

June 19, 2023

The latest iSportConnect Roundtable followed on from one of our recent events by focussing on using AI to Empowering Sports Content. In this wrap-up we look back at the roundtable discussions and share some of the key takeaways from the conversation which included major rights holders and broadcasters.

While Magnifi, a company that offers cutting edge video solutions powered by AI, were the thought leaders in the room the conversation included great insights from the broadcasters and rights holders in attendance. 

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AI is still in its very early stages and the technology will be moving and developing at a rapid pace. 

In just a few months where we are now, will seem primitive compared to where the technology ends up. This will massively impact the way in which AI is used around content.

The AI conversation is not generic, it is actually incredibly problem-specific

When discussing the ways in which AI can have an impact on the workflow of a rights holder or business the approach it not one-size fits all. When used in the most specific ways AI can be very cost effective.

AI offers solutions that can benefit both small and large rights holders in very different ways

For a large rights holder AI can help them make their workforce more time effective when working on content. It can also help translate content into multiple languages. 

For a smaller rights holder they can use AI where they would otherwise have to use manpower to generate similar results. This applies to rights holders who have a lot of content but don’t have the time or resources to make the best use of it. 

The 20:80 approval rating is revolutionary and will only get better

If an organisation can rely on 80% of the content produced by AI to be perfect and not require approval that will mean resources previously used on simply approval can be used more effectively.

If you are a service provider or rights holder and would be interested in hosting a roundtable contact Joe Rowland here