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RealFevr Launch New NFT Collector ‘Dropbook’

February 23, 2022

Many of us will have spent much of our childhood collecting sticker albums from our favourite football tournaments and leagues, but as we move to more of a digital existence, what will be the future of this?

RealFevr, the first fully licensed football video NFT marketplace, have launched an innovative way of collecting: The NFT Collector’s Dropbook, which can be better described as an NFT digital “sticker” album. With this new feature, owners of the NFTs can complete collections from each drop and earn rewards by doing it.

RealFevr have taken a big step towards creating a fully gamified ecosystem, delivering something that no other project has yet delivered in the NFT industry: The Collector Dropbook. By launching the First Edition, they are providing a completely new way of collecting NFTs and strengthening a position as industry innovators.

So what will be part of this dropbook?

There will be one specific Dropbook for each NFT pack drop and every Dropbook must be filled with NFTs from its respective collection. For the time being, you can already complete the First Edition Dropbook:

First Edition Dropbook

Dropbook Moments

To fully complete a Dropbook collection, you will have to continuously add your owned moments to the corresponding slots. There will be three different states to represent the availability of your moments:

– Not Available

– Available to Add

– Added and Locked

Not Available

If you don’t own a specific NFT in your collection, the moment slot will appear as not available in the Dropbook. In this case, you will be able to click on the “BUY ON MARKETPLACE” button in case you wish to purchase it right away.

Available to Add

If you already own the NFT in your collection but you have not added it yet to the Dropbook, you will be able to do so by clicking on the “ADD TO DROPBOOK” button.

If you decide to add an NFT to a Dropbook, you will be locking it until the mentioned date. Although the NFT might be locked to a Dropbook, you will still be able to use it in the FEVR Battle Arena P2E game and it will be accounted for staking pools NFT requirements.

Added and Locked

If you have already added and locked your NFT to the corresponding Dropbook, you are set and ready to continue your journey as a collector!

Dropbook Progress

Once you open one of your Dropbooks, you will be able to check your total collection progress, as well as the progress you have made in each rarity tier.

Dropbook Total Progress
Rarity tier progress

Dropbook Rewards

There would be no gamification without a rewards system and this is the final touch RealFevr are currently adding to this.

By making progress in the completion of each rarity tier of your Dropbooks, you will unlock multiple milestones that will grant you amazing rewards. The higher the rarity tier, the more valuable these rewards will be and they are composed of:

  • Experience Points (XP)
  • FEVR Tokens
  • Allowlist System

Experience Points

These experience points will contribute towards your profile level increasing. In other words, you need to accumulate XP in order to keep leveling up and improve your collector status. The full XP leaderboard system is under development and will be coming soon to RealFevr.

FEVR Tokens

The amount of $FEVR you will receive will vary according to the tier section of the Dropbook.

Allowlist System

When you complete one of the tiers, your wallet will be able awarded as Allowlisted and it will grant you priority access to upcoming initiatives.

Possible Rewards

While it is important to discuss how promising the future looks like, this vision depends on the ongoing work of the present to become a reality. Being aware of this small, but vital detail is the bridge that unites the reality with our vision.

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