Philips Extends PSV Partnership Until 2031

By Taruka Srivastav | November 13, 2020

Philips has extended its current sponsorship contract with PSV by another 10 years, to 2031.

The extension will ensure that the tie between the club and the health technology firm from Eindhoven will remain extremely close for the foreseeable future.

The two organisations have been closely intertwined since the football club Philips Sport Vereeniging was founded in 1913. Their 107-year-old relationship is now the world’s longest partnership. Some important elements in the extended contract include the name of Philips Stadium and collaboration in the field of innovation.

In addition to this sponsorship contract, Philips will also be the first partner to extend its participation in the Brainport-PSV Partnership by another 5 years, to 2026.

“Philips has deep roots in Eindhoven, and we are closely tied to PSV and the Brainport region. The region is unique in the world because we constantly lead the way in technology, stimulated by a close collaboration within the regional ecosystem”, explains Frans van Houten, CEO of Koninklijke Philips. “Especially in these challenging times, when nothing seems self-evident, we believe it is important to express our affiliation and social tie to the club and to the region. That is why we, as the founder of PSV, have decided to commit to extending our relationship with PSV by another 10 years. Together, we can lay a strong foundation for further success in the future.”

“Philips is at the roots of our club’s past, present and future. Now, more than ever, we understand how special that is. What we took for granted earlier this year has now proven to be invaluable: the support and commitment of important partners”, explains Toon Gerbrands, General Director of PSV. “Philips is undergoing a massive transformation into a health technology company. Their expertise and innovations in the field of medical technology are vitally important to society. We also use them to lift the performance and health of our players, staff and employees to a higher level. That makes our partnership perhaps even closer than ever before.”

The partnership between Philips and PSV consists of an extension of the naming rights to Philips Stadium and the innovation partnership until 2031, in which PSV and Philips will collaborate on new innovations that will encourage the club’s professional sports climate, such as the PSV Top Performance Center.

Philips has also committed to extend its participation in the Brainport-PSV Partnership by another 5 years, alongside fellow Brainport companies ASML, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Jumbo Supermarkets, Royal Swinkels Family Brewers and VDL.

This innovative partnership was formed on 1 July 2019. The companies, all rooted in the high-tech Brainport Eindhoven region, will open a new chapter in the partnership between the business community and professional sports. Philips is the first partner to commit to extending its participation in this partnership with PSV until 2026.

In addition to the companies’ financial contributions, they will also collaborate on projects to lift the region to an even higher level, such as a school challenge to get young people excited about technology, the Brainport Eindhoven Partner Fund for the region, and the vitality platform for employees.

Rather than printing their own names on the players’ jerseys, the companies will combine their sponsorship efforts under the name ‘Metropoolregio Brainport Eindhoven’ on the PSV players’ chests. In so doing, they can join forces to attract and retain technical talent and invest in the business climate and the health of employees and residents of Brainport Eindhoven, in order to reinforce the region’s national and international appeal.


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