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Overtime Elite Announces Gatorade As League’s First Brand Partner

October 19, 2021

Transformative new sports league OTE (Overtime Elite) announced its first brand partnership today with Gatorade. This deal brings together the leading sports fuel brand and the newest, most innovative basketball league – a partnership centered around supporting athletes in their path to success.

“Gatorade has been the standard bearer in the sports fuel space for decades and to have them be our first brand partner is monumental for Overtime Elite,” said Aaron Ryan, OTE Commissioner and President. “There is perfect alignment between the two brands where the athlete is at the center of our mission and together we’ll support them on their journey by focusing on their needs, their health, and their progress on and off the court.”

As the official sports drink of OTE, Gatorade will have a presence both on and off the sidelines to drive athletic performance. Along with providing products from across the brand’s portfolio, the partnership will offer the league access to leading hydration and nutrition expertise from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. Gatorade will also have a significant presence at OTE’s new facility, including a state-of-the-art Gatorade Fuel Bar in the building’s performance space, which will give athletes the opportunity to personalize their fueling. Additionally, using Overtime and Overtime Elite’s digital reach, the brands plan to integrate Gatorade products and services into storytelling for the athletes across all platforms.

“As a brand rooted in sport, we’ve spent more than 55 years working directly with athletes, so we know firsthand there’s no singular path to an athletic journey,” said Jeff Kearney, global head of sports marketing at Gatorade. “Overtime Elite represents a unique connectivity with our audience, which allows us to engage directly with athletes during and beyond the moment of sweat.”

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Brands Gatorade Overtime Elite Sponsorship