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Oracle Red Bull Racing announce one-race partnership with BINGO

October 6, 2022

Oracle Red Bull Racing is excited to announce the launch of a collaboration with international car experts BINGO (BH AUCTION Co., Ltd.), for the F1 Honda Japanese Grand Prix 2022. The BINGO logo will be placed on the front side of the car at the iconic Suzuka circuit.

BINGO manage and plan auctions by collaborating with global events and media platforms and have dealt with many of the world’s most famous cars and brands, providing first class automotive and concierge services for its customers in the luxury and high-end automotive markets and auctions. BINGO also takes pride in offering their top-tier marketing and PR solutions to international hyper car brands to raise brand awareness in Japan.

Oracle Red Bull Racing Team Principal and CEO Christian Horner said: “We appreciate that Suzuka is home to some of our most avid fans and to have this unique collaboration with BINGO will be another memorable addition to the race, as Formula One returns to Japan. The premium nature of BINGO’s operation is a natural fit for Oracle Red Bull Racing, and we’re proud to have their name on the car at the much-anticipated race in Suzuka.”

BINGO CEO Shinji Takei added: “Our company prides itself in dealing with the best brands of cars and presenting our clients with first class bespoke services. The affinity we share with the values of Formula 1 and the Oracle Red Bull Racing team of performance at all levels, BINGO aims to be at the height of our market and are very enthused for this partnership. As motorsport fans, we have watched the continual success of the team and are excited to be with them on their return to Japan.”

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