Collectible OneFootball Serie A

OneFootball and Serie A announce premium digital collectible rights partnership

July 20, 2022

OneFootball, the world’s largest football media platform, and Lega Serie A, one of the world’s top five football leagues, with over 530 million fans worldwide, have today announced a global partnership to bring officially-licensed digital collectibles to football fans around the globe. The world-first deal will give the football community a multi-dimensional experience that takes them from real life into a new digital age.

Fans can now own, collect and trade never-before-available match moments from Serie A, Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana. This will include the best action, from attempts, saves, defending, assists, skills and special moments of gameplay, on top of plenty of goals and incredible fan moments. OneFootball has created a simple and accessible way for real fans to make it theirs – giving them the chance to own real life moments of incredible football, in perpetuity. The digital video moments will launch on OneFootball’s marketplace, Aera by OneFootball, and is built on the sports-industry-leading Flow blockchain so fans can get their favourite moments through the easy-to-use and secure wallet, Dapper.

The deal means that in the upcoming Lega Serie A season, over 1300 new and unique moments of premier action will be generated. The agreement also includes matches of the Coppa Italia, as well as the Italian Supercup, the Supercoppa Italiana. Fans will be able to purchase packs, which upon opening will show them which incredible match moments they have won. 

OneFootball has also acquired the rights to iconic historical moments from Serie A’s archive. Coming soon will also be hundreds of archive moments from Lega Serie A clubs, all available on Aera by OneFootball.

In the 2021/22 season, there was over 570 hours of match play, the Serie A showcased 1089 goals, 142 penalties taken and literally hundreds of breathtaking high-octane moments of some of the best football from the most talented players on the planet. In the coming season these will be available for fans to own, as part of OneFootball’s promise, No One Gets You Closer. Fans can register their interest now at Aera by OneFootballwith the first product reveal of the digital collectible collection on 1st August 2022.

Lucas von Cranach, CEO & Founder at OneFootball, said: 

“Today’s news is unprecedented. Italian football fans, like so many of the billions of football fans on the planet, are obsessed with the game – and rightly so. The Italian league provides adrenaline-filled excitement, passion, highs and lows – and fans are with their teams for the ride through better or for worse. Through recent history they’ve spent hard earned money on tickets, travel, kit, programmes – and now for the first time they can actually own part of the experience: match highlights from each week’s action as well as iconic moments from the archive.

“We’re creating an accessible experience for fans of Serie A – by being a true platform – they can own digital video moments through us and take them wherever they want – or nowhere – they are theirs to keep, in perpetuity. As part of the community, fans will get even more benefits as we expand our Web3 offering and launch even more products. 

“We are perfectly positioned to honour our promise to the 100 million fans on our platform each month – No One Gets You Closer. Over 14 years we’ve connected the football ecosystem and now we’re poised at the new frontier of a new digital era, to bring new experiences to fans, giving something to the game and the fan experience that everyone can benefit from, and really enjoy. Football belongs to the fans, it’s all theirs, and we’ll make sure of it.”

Luigi De Siervo, Lega Serie A CEO:

“Today marks the start of a new way for Italian clubs to connect with all our younger fans around the globe. Together with OneFootball, we put the fans first by bringing them incredible new experiences, this time digitally. We have the most prestigious league, the greatest clubs and the best supporters in the world. Now we are bringing our global fan base the most cutting edge experience – something no-one has ever seen before in football. The upcoming season will again be filled with plenty of dramatic and exciting moments of match play and we can’t wait to offer those to our fans as digital video moments along with the most iconic archive footage from Serie A.”

Collectible OneFootball Serie A