Nicecactus To Promote Development Of Esports In Morocco With 1896 Sports Management Partnership

November 2, 2020

1896 Sports Management (KLEM Group) and Nicecactus have signed a strategic partnership for the development of esport in Maghreb.

1896 Sports Management, a Moroccan company that specializes in sports within the KLEM group and Nicecactus, France’s first all-in-one esports platform will promote the development of esport in Morocco and the region.

As a result of this partnership, millions of amateur players in the region will now have access to, a state-of-the-art all-in-one platform, and thus will be able to benefit from their method and innovative tools to progress in esport, to engage in competition to become the future stars of tomorrow and thus gain access to the more prestigious international competitions.

Concretely, Nicecactus has developed a true ecosystem designed by gamers for gamers. The innovative features developed by Nicecactus are all designed to support the player in their journey to improve, and for those with high aspirations, to reach the highest levels of esport worldwide.

To do so, the user will be able to learn via video guides, from the best French players of League of Legends, Fortnite, CSGO and many more. He will also be given challenges which, in conjunction with a state-of-the-art statistical monitoring system, will allow each individual to to continuously improve. Finally, the competition section will allow the most motivated players to progress even more by competing against other Nicecactus users.

This partnership between 1896 Sports Management and Nicecactus will enable the development of esport in a region that has seen an explosion in the practice of esport and audiences in recent years, through the detection, training and support of young talents. This will also allow stakeholders (media, advertisers, rights holders, etc…) the opportunity to have a dedicated communication channel with a much sought-after audience: the 12-35 year olds.

Mike Hessabi, Co Founder & President of Nicecactus said: “This partnership with 1896 Sports Management is perfectly in line with our international development strategy. It will give us access to a pool of several million gamers in the region with the possibility to accompany the most talented towards a professional career. “

Mohamed Guessous, Managing Director of 1896 Sports Management added, “For us, this is an opportunity to strengthen our expertise in esport by benefiting from a specialized platform at the cutting edge of technology. It will also expand the range of services offered to our customers, who will be able to engage in different ways with 12-35 year old audiences.”