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Nicecactus Obtains The “Made in France” Certification, Awarded by Franck Riester

January 20, 2021

Franck Riester, Minister Delegate to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, in charge of foreign trade and attractiveness, awarded the Guaranteed Service France certification to the start-up specializing in the esport Nicecactus on 01/15/2021.

“French excellence is an exceptional asset for international growth, even online,” said Franck Riester. The Made in France certification aims to enhance the value of service companies that employ in France. Yves Jego, former minister and president of the ‘Origine France Garanti’ and ‘Service France Garanti’ certifications, was also present at the event.

“Nicecactus is the first esports company to benefit from this certification,” said Grégory Bolle, chief revenue officer of the Valbonne-based (Alpes-Maritimes, FRA) startup, to News Tank. Nicecactus offers an “all-in-one'” platform dedicated on the one hand to the training of esports players, and on the other hand to companies wishing to invest in the discipline (sponsorship, media acquisitions, employer brand, etc.).

In 2020, Nicecactus was behind the creation of several esports events such
as the “Monaco Gaming Show”, a new annual event, the ASSE eFootball Cup, AS Saint-Étienne’s (Ligue 1 Uber Eats) esports tournament (broadcast on Twitch), and two gaming competitions organised as an employer brand within the French consulting firm Capgemini.

Mike Hessabi, CEO and co-founder of the company Nice- founder of the company Nicecactus said: “Competitive gaming is at the heart of the digital native generation. Esports is a phenomenon that the French economy cannot afford to miss. Esports and gaming are not only about video games, they are also part of learning digital skills and a taste for competition. Two virtues at the heart of 21 century education.

In a society where the real mingles with the virtual, it is important
for France to maintain its sovereignty over this type of activity,
which is constantly growing worldwide. Nicecactus will be the global
leader in the competitive gaming of tomorrow.”

eSports Nicecactus