Member Insights: Why You‘re Not Retaining Fan Engagement And What You Should Do About It

July 16, 2020

Don’t you just hate it when you’re getting spammed with ads for products that have nothing to do with your interests? One of the greatest challenges in sports marketing today is sparking fan engagement through digital experiences tailored to the individual needs of the fans, StriveCloud‘s Jente Vanhaesebroeck looks at a recent example.

A great digital experience starts with delivering the right message at the right time and maybe even more important to the right person.

The same applies to esports fan engagement! In this article, we jump into the personalization hurdles of Swiss esports agency eStudios and their gaming tournament platform GameTurnier.

You’ll discover:

  • How personalization drives fan engagement
  • The role of data in crafting a frictionless fan experience
  • What kinds of different behaviors exist in the esports community
  • How eStudios overcame their community challenges through personalization