Member Insights: Why Brands Should Invest In Organising Their Own Online Tournaments

August 28, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in events all over the world being cancelled. Whether it’s the Premier League, music festivals, exhibits or trade shows; COVID-19 has the whole world missing out on their favorite pastimes. People are putting lots of work-related activities on hold and as a result many brands are also losing essential touchpoints with consumers.

Needless to say if you want to maintain a steady stream of income as a business, you’ll have to reevaluate your thinking about current and future advertising and marketing campaigns. Gaming tournament platforms are an attractive and proven alternative to advertising at live events, allowing you to reconnect with consumers even during a lockdown.

Here are the  top 10 reasons why your brand should invest in organizing its own online tournaments on a gaming tournament platform today:

  • It doesn’t take long to set up a gaming tournament platform
  • Scaling marketing actions on a platform is easy
  • Online gaming platforms have a low entry barrier
  • You can take impressions of your ads to new levels
  • Online gaming is a great opportunity to grow your audience
  • You turn your audience into brand ambassadors
  • More touchpoints enable you to boost sales
  • You’ll gather loads of useful in-game data
  • You can unlock new sponsor opportunities
  • The time is now

#1: It doesn’t take long to set up a gaming tournament platform  ☄️Proximus is a Belgian telecommunications company and one of the country’s biggest broadcasters of live sports. During the lockdown, they partnered up with the Belgian Pro League and launched the Proximus Pro League e-Cup. On the one hand to keep soccer fans digitally engaged on the one hand, but also to keep promoting the brand.

With StriveCloud as a technology partner, they created an online FIFA tournament in which fans can enroll to represent their favorite team and play against each other. The tournament platform was already up and running in one week, and within the first hours of going live, over 2,000 fans signed up.

#2: Scaling ad reach on a platform is easy