Member Insights: How To Grow New Revenue Streams With Gamification Outside The In-Stadium Experience

September 7, 2020

Sports are not the same without live spectators. Without them you lose the beloved atmosphere for fans, but a lot of revenue as well. The total matchday revenue lost in the Big 5 football Leagues by having to play behind closed doors is estimated to be upwards to $718 million. Many sports leagues across the globe were suspended or even canceled. Analysis suggests that the sports industry will suffer losses of $61.6 billion due to lost revenue.

“Ticket sales are a key source of revenue for the clubs. In addition to that, sponsorship money and income from television rights are threatened because clubs are bound by contracts to play their games.” – Christoph Breuer, professor of sports business and management @Sports College Cologne

Lost matchday revenue forces sports and football clubs to find new revenue sources elsewhere

Losing revenue has been especially demanding for smaller clubs. Between 100 and 200 clubs in Europe in danger of going bankrupt. In the Bundesliga alone the 36 professional teams in the first and second divisions look at potential losses of €750 million.

“While all will be impacted, those clubs from smaller countries typically with a greater dependence on matchday revenues risk being hit the hardest.” – Dan Jones, Head of Sports Business Group @Deloitte

The same goes for other sports. Major League Baseball projects a $4 billion loss due to empty stadium games. The teams in the NFL stand to lose a combined $5.5 billion. Forbes magazine states the loss makes up for around 38% of total NFL revenue. The Dallas Cowboys, for instance, the biggest team in the League, could lose over $950 million in stadium revenue from tickets, food, and merchandise sales.

Fortunately, you can grow new revenue streams outside the in-stadium experience! Here’s all you should know:

  • The opportunity to maximize online merchandise sales in your fanshop
  • Why gamification drives revenue for E-commerce
  • How to use gamification in E-commerce?
  • Examples of gamification in E-commerce
  • Driving referrals with gamification in E-commerce
  • The secret power of a bidding system
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