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Member Insights: How A Unique Idea Provided High Fan Engagement Success For Belgian Football Team KAA Gent

July 21, 2020

In our latest Member Insights, we look at a surprising tactic from Belgian football club KAA Gent raised €85,000 for charity and created high fan engagement with StriveCloud, Jente Vanhaesebroeck provides more detail. This article was first published on StriveCloud.

Let’s face it. As a sports club, you are competing over the attention of your target audience. With more and more competing content every minute, it has become harder to capture fan engagement and even more so to keep it. Since 66% of devoted fans go online at least once per day for sports-related reasons, clubs certainly have enough of an incentive to keep up with fresh, exciting experiences and content to hold fan engagement.

Meaningful relationships don’t begin and end with the sports season. On the contrary: fans need to be engaged year-round. During the football league suspension in Belgium for instance, KAA Gent’s chairman came up with the idea to organize a virtual football tournament for charity.

After a few brainstorming sessions with esports online community platform, Kayzr, and the gaming tournament platform StriveCloud, the “Samen Sterk” or “Stronger Together” fundraising was born! The campaign managed to raise €85,000 in support of Digital For Youth, a charity that provides underprivileged children with laptops for educational purposes.

But how did they do that? 

We dive into what made the Samen Sterk fundraising campaign so successful, and how it mounted fan engagement for KAA Gent.

You will find out:

  • How a virtual match generates digital fan engagement
  • Why a reward system is important to initiate participation
  • What value a flawless payment experience holds
  • The power of tokens and digital currencies
  • How a lottery uses unpredictability as the backbone of fan engagement

Fan Engagement KAA Gent