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Member Insights: Gamification For Apps – The Best Way To Scale Up Engagement And Loyalty

August 14, 2020

To keep audiences engaged, sports clubs and leagues are trying to engage with younger people, but to do so they need to build an interconnected fan engagement platform that offers immersive experiences, says Jente Vanhaesebroeck of StriveCloud.

Sports organisations and players are using new technologies to reach a global audience, especially the hyper digitised youth. However, it’s hard to grow userbases and even more so to keep users active on a platform. Gamification for apps might be the way to go.

But can sports organizations keep their fanbase active or will they lose out on engagement? Let’s find out!

  • The problem with fan apps & dropout rates
  • A fan engagement puzzle – Is gamification for apps the final piece?
  • How in-app gamification builds fan engagement
  • Gamification for apps helped Kayzr gain 24/7 engagement
  • Kayzr’s recipe for scalable esports fan engagement

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