Member Insights: Discovering A New Path Towards Professionalism In Esports?

July 28, 2020

How players get into professional Esports has been a difficult process for a number of years, however thanks to a new way of entering the space, there could now be a far more clear method to take the next step as a player.

Willingness. Dedication. Patience. These are some of the criteria required to become a professional esports athlete and characteristics Esports brand Nicecactus have identified and worked towards to provide an upgraded version of their initial training method. After months of hard work and intense collaboration with talented pro players, Nicecactus is proud to release its new Premium Status, with brand new features dedicated to help any player to improve his game.

“Based on our knowledge of the Esports environment and the precious inputs of many in-house professional players, we developed a unique method that can be applied to anyone, as long as they aim to improve in their game. Our method has been fully tested prior to launch with excellent results. With the launch of our premium offer, we aim to push our method to a supreme level,” said Mike M. Hessabi, CEO and co-founder of Nicecactus.

By subscribing to the new Premium Status, users can unlock completely new features with many more things to work on and improve. The first one is the unprecedented training program created by Nicecactus for amateurs to improve skills through effective methods. The amateurs of different levels will be guided by systematic video lessons, which are designed by multi-awarded professionals. Also created is a smart training system that will personalise the training progress for each individual. This will allow users to navigate through various methods to help them improve their skills and leadership, as well as maintaining their interest in the training program. And in the blink of an eye, pro players will be born.

The values of the Training Program are numerous. Players will be able to track their performance by viewing their strengths and weaknesses in real-time, which will allow them to perfectly master aspects of games to make progress. Our unique training methodology, which is based on esports learning techniques, will let the users benefit from a simple and efficient interface. Gaming skill will be improved with an adjusted training process from our comprehensive training plan, so we can guarantee that anyone will level up with the Nicecactus Premium Training Program.

The all-in-one platform for gaming and esports just launched a Premium offer to increase all of its functionalities.

Among other features, a whole Premium environment has been created with many more things to do outside of just training. Premium online tournaments with higher cash-prizes will be displayed, as well as qualifiers for offline events, which would be held in the Nicecactus Esports Arena based in Barcelona! Last but not least, we also developed a team composed of former pros who will be in charge of spotting future esports stars and help them reach the next step in their career. 

Gregory Bolle, Nicecactus’ Revenue Officer, added: “Thanks to the multiple partnerships we have in esports with prestigious teams like G2 Esports, AS Monaco, GamersOrigin, and NBA-Magic Gaming, we act as an intermediary between teams in search of fresh blood and promising young players. A ladder new path that young talented players can aim to reach their objectives.”


NICECACTUS.GG is an online platform that is driving a groundbreaking new ecosystem within the esports sector, by empowering amateur and novice players with an exclusive solution and tools to help them engage in competition, as well as progress towards achieving a professional career. Through esports, Nicecactus is acting as the key bridge between the business world (brands, companies) and the Millennial generation.

Founded on the French Riviera by Mike M. Hessabi and Alexandre Amoukteh, Nicecactus is an all-in-one online platform dedicated to esports and gaming. The company has soon expanded internationally and has opened offices in Paris, Nice, Barcelona, Berlin, and Los Angeles.

The platform now boasts over 1 million registered users and hosts over 1,500 online tournaments every month, covering more than 20 major esports titles, like League of Legends, Rocket League, FIFA, and Fortnite.

Nicecactus has exclusive partnerships with the biggest international esports clubs, such as G2 Esports, AS Monaco, GamersOrigin, NBA-Magic Gaming. Every day, these valuable partners and their teams of champions contribute their expertise and experience to enrich and enhance Nicecactus’ unique method.