Barbados Royals CPL MCW

MCW Come On Board As Barbados Royals’ Principal Sponsor

March 23, 2022

MCW is delighted to announce its association with Royals Sports Group owned Barbados Royals  (“Royals”) for the upcoming season of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL). As part of the association,  MCW will come on board as the principal partner for the Barbados Royals, with a bespoke colorway of the  MCW logo featuring on the front of the Royals’ shirt.  

Through its strong standing in the Asian gaming and casino market, MCW already boasts a strong customer  base. With the addition of Barbados Royals as one of their close associates, MCW aims to further their  ambition by gaining access to a wider fan base.  

Michael Fordham, Chief Executive Officer, Royals Sports Group, spoke on the partnership: “We’re very  happy to have MCW on board as our principal partner for the upcoming season. Our aim has always been  to connect and work with partners that share a global vision, a vision that enables the collective partnership  to prosper. For us at Barbados Royals, fans are always the priority and with MCW on board, we’re really  excited to see the new ways in which we can collaborate to bring the best experience to our fans worldwide.”  

As part of the roll-out, MCW will facilitate a wide range of engagement opportunities and activations for  supporters and lovers of the game, as the CPL cricket season gets closer.  

MCW Marketing Director, Lee Yong Fuk also spoke on the partnership, “We’re very happy to be associated  with a global brand in the Royals Sport Group. We feel there is a lot of passion and love for the game in  Barbados and through this partnership we wish to enhance fans’ experience of cricket off the field. With the  Royals Sports Group onboard, we feel we have access to a global fan-base that can help us propel our  offerings and create a more global imprint.”  

A spokesperson from Dubai based UCS Media FZ LLC, who had jointly with OUTLAST SPORTS in  Singapore brought Barbados Royals and MCW together, also added “Cricket is one of the most popular  sports in the world, it is a widely adored and loved sport. Both the Royals and MCW had a common vision  and a shared set of objectives with the partnership which made it really easy for us to get them both together  and collaborate.” 

Barbados Royals CPL MCW