The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) is the governing body of international ice hockey.
The IIHF features 82 member associations, each of which is the national governing body of the
sport in its nation. Besides controlling the international rulebook, processing international player
transfers, and dictating officiating guidelines, the IIHF runs numerous development programs
designed to bring hockey to a broader population. From its headquarters in Zurich, the IIHF
organize in cooperation with its 32 staff members more than 25 international tournaments and
competitions annually.
1.2 Requestion for Tender
With this Request for Tenders the International Ice Hockey Federation (“IIHF”) is opening a
public tender whereby companies are invited to submit proposals for the supply of ice hockey
consultancy services and resource development in the following fields:
1.2.1 ice hockey development
1.2.2 player training and education
1.2.3 coach and coach developer training and education
1.2.4 organizational and leadership development
1.2.5 adult ice hockey learning principles

    The IIHF Sport Department is tasked with the responsibility of developing ice hockey globally. In
    this aim, due to the diverse expertise required to create a well-rounded effective development
    program which meets the needs of the IIHF’s broad stakeholder base, the IIHF seeks to gain an
    ice hockey consultancy partner that can broaden the IIHF expertise base and help elevate the
    IIHF development program.
    3.1 Any interested tenderers can submit their tenders to:
    Brandschenkestrasse 50
    Postfach 1817
    8027 Zurich
    or email:
    3.2 Tenders shall be submitted to the IIHF by 9 October 2022, 23.59h Zurich time.
    3.3 Within this Request for Tenders you will find the details of the tender. You should take each
    into account in your tender response.
    3.4 Please direct any questions regarding the tender content or process to the contact details
    indicated earlier. All questions should be submitted in writing either by post or to the email
    address provided. You should not contact any personnel at the IIHF unless directed to do so
    by an IIHF representative.
    3.5 The IIHF reserves its rights to disqualify and reject proposals from tenderers who do not
    comply with these requirements and conditions.
    3.6 As part of this tender process, the IIHF makes no obligations in any way to:
  • Pay anyone for the tenders or quotes received; or
  • Any other commitment to anyone responding to this tender, whatsoever.
    The IIHF requires the supplier to provide the following services:
    a. Provide the IIHF with high-level expertise regarding ice hockey development.
    b. Support the IIHF and its Committees with the implementation of its development
    c. Create Coach Developer, Coach Development and Leadership Development
    programs for the IIHF.
    d. Assist the IIHF with the creation of development and educational frameworks (e.g.
    Coach Framework) based on extensive national and international framework
    building experience.
    e. Perform development and maintenance services for the IIHF online Development
    f. Provide high standard infrastructure, on- and off-ice, to build content for the IIHF
    Development Hub.
    g. Support and educate IIHF Staff and developers (e.g. adult education in ice hockey
    learning principles).
    h. Assist the IIHF with the analysis of IIHF Membership data and IIHF Championship
    i. Assist the IIHF with the creation and the evaluation of development plans for the IIHF
    j. Provide evidence-based ice hockey studies and information.
    k. Assist the IIHF with the preparation and the execution of IIHF Seminars.
    5.1 As part of its tender response, the tenderer must submit the below Statement of
    Undertaking, specifying the full name of its company, registration number, VAT registration
    number, physical address, telephone number, fax number and email address.
    5.2 The tenderer must provide its company profile and the details of the infrastructure and staff
    available to provide the services.
    5.3 The tenderer must provide a summary of its qualifications and experience in the provision of
    the services.
    5.4 The tenderer must provide the details of all pricing for its services.
    5.5 The tenderer must provide the details of its required payment terms for its services.
    5.6 Tenders must be presented as written submissions only.
    The evaluation criteria will be based upon some or all of the following aspects of the tenderers’
    proposals (not in order of significance):
    a. Commercial – competitive price, payment terms and contractual compliance.
    b. Service Capability – service delivery experience, service delivery capacity, footprint,
    service delivery method, infrastructure, staff expertise and network, quality and
    compliance with the expected service levels.
    c. Level of Compliance with this Tender – adherence to the aforesaid requirements
    and conditions of tender.

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