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LaLiga Tech and Sevilla announce availability of Transfer Tracker

December 12, 2022

LaLiga Tech and Sevilla FC have today announced the availability of Transfer Tracker, a technology and legal consulting service that will return millions in unpaid compensation payments to football clubs around the world.

The new solution will allow clubs around the world to claim solidarity payments for transfers relating to players that have passed through their academy. Current regulations state that when a player is transferred, the club that trained them can claim up to 5% of the transfer value.

Transfer Tracker is the only available market solution for checking and claiming back-dated payments before they expire. According to the latest estimations, there is more than $1.2 billion USD in unclaimed compensation that clubs can now claim for.

To begin a compensation claim through Transfer Tracker, clubs only need to submit a free request. From there, Transfer Tracker’s specialised team will thoroughly analyse the transfer market through advanced Big Data tools to identify all player transactions that could be eligible for a compensation claim.

Payment can be secured through various actions, from conversations between the two affected clubs to direct contact with FIFA where necessary.

The system was initially developed and has been operated for the last two years by the data and legal department of Sevilla FC, where it forms part of an ambitious strategic innovation policy that has been implemented across both the sports and business areas of the club.

Thanks to this system, Sevilla FC has identified more than 700 movements of players who had been developed within the club across 53 different competitions. As a result, Sevilla FC has reclaimed more than €1,000,000 in payments associated with the solidarity mechanism.

In recent weeks, LaLiga Tech has worked alongside clubs from countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Portugal to begin new claims processes through Transfer Tracker.

On average, each of these clubs is eligible to claim for 537 transfers amounting to over €117m in market value, with an average total claim value of €3.4m per club.

In accordance with current FIFA rules, clubs can make claims on all transfers for which final payments have been made in the past two years.

Marcos Gonzalez, value proposition manager at LaLiga Tech added: “There are world-class academies that are producing and exporting incredible football talent but are not receiving the compensation that they deserve. We created Transfer Tracker to help clubs of all sizes to discover and receive this additional income, without the need to invest their own time and resource.

“With the robust data analysis tools that we have created along with Sevilla FC, we offer the quickest possible way to negotiate the claims process and divert more wealth across the football ecosystem.”

José María Cruz, managing director of Sevilla FC added: “The industry is missing the opportunity to secure a new source of income that rewards its knowledge and coaching methodologies. It is a silent drama suffered by the vast majority of clubs and that disproportionately affects clubs with fewer resources. We are proud to promote this innovation, together with LaLiga Tech, to tackle this competitive disadvantage and improve a system that has been favouring buying clubs over formative clubs. At Sevilla
FC we firmly believe in technological development as a tool to improve both sporting and institutional competitiveness.”

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