LaLiga North America Partners Stage Front For Ticketing Strategies

December 3, 2020

LaLiga North America and Stage Front announced a new multi-year partnership focused on driving new customer-centric ticketing strategies using data from both organizations.

The brands are committed to positive customer experiences and will use their extensive digital and market analytics to drive a revamped approach to ticketing and fan engagement focused on customer behavior and satisfaction.

“LaLiga has a highly engaged and coveted fan base in the U.S. that interacts with our properties across multiple touch points including content, events, and grassroots activations,” said LaLiga North America CEO Boris Gartner.

“Using our deep understanding of soccer fans in the U.S, we will work together with Stage Front to help develop an innovative approach to ticketing that improves the customer experience as fans finally return to stadiums.”

The agreement was announced during an international digital press conference featuring LaLiga North America CEO Boris Gartner, Karl Roes, CEO at Stage Front and LaLiga legend Robert Pires. The partners described key features of the partnership including LaLiga North America producing weekly co-branded Facebook and social media posts, in-app impressions and banners to continue to grow brand awareness for their retail presence, In addition, ticket and hospitality customers will be eligible to win awards though digital sweepstakes and contests such as meet and greets with ambassadors, merchandise, and hospitality for when fans return to stadiums.

“We are thrilled to be working with one of the top brands in the world, not only for soccer but for their efforts in the community. LaLiga North America is the perfect partner as we continue to strategize unique partnerships,” said Karl Roes, CEO of Stage Front.

“We are reimagining the mindset with a goal that goes beyond sales and focuses on the global customer journey. With LaLiga North America and their experience, fan base, and innovation, this partnership will enhance the customer experience”.